5 Ways to Get Organized in 5 Minutes, According to Celeb Organizers

Originally posted on PEOPLE by Hannah Chubb

1. Slim Down Your Wallet 

shopping and payment concept from red clutch purse on pink background with credit cards and discount cards in it. Closeup of modern red leather wallet. Top view on the wallet.

Eliminate bulky clutter by “using your phone’s digital wallet to store things like transit passes, gift cards and rewards cards,” says Janelle Cohen, author of The Folding Book. “This way you don’t have to bulk up your wallet with things you use infrequently.”

Then, take everything out of your wallet and “add back in only the things you can’t live without, like your ID and credit card,” adds the Straighten Up By Janelle founder, who has organized for Jordyn Woods, Dixie D’Amelio and more.

2. Swap Out Mismatched Hangers 


“Streamlining your hangers provides a cleaner look and keeps your clothing at a uniform height” in your closet, says Ría Safford of RíOrganize,who has organized for Paris Hilton, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and more. “When hangers are mismatched, it will always give the illusion of clutter.”

She suggests velvet, nonslip hangers, which “hug those silky blouses.”

3. Find All the Socks Your Washer Ate 

Hands pulling back the rim of washing machine drum to discover missing socks

Your missing socks may not be gone for good! Check inside the gasket of your washing machine. “It’s the felt or rubber lip in the rim near the door, and small items often get stuck behind it,” says Jen Robin, founder of Life in Jeneral, who has organized for Kristen Bell, Lauren Bushnell Lane and more. That pile of sad single socks in your drawer will thank you.

“To prevent any more small pieces being lost in the gasket, try incorporating mesh bags into your laundry routine,” suggests Robin, who recently authored Life in Jeneral: A Joyful Guide to Organizing Your Home and Creating the Space for What Matters Most.

4. Set Up Autopay for Monthly Bills 

phone payment app

Save time by putting payments on cruise control. “You can put cable bills, student loans, car payments and more on autopay and avoid late fees,” says Eryn Donaldson of the Model Home, who has organized for Ashley Greene, Madison Prewett and more. “It’s a great way to cross something off your to-do list and let you focus on other things.”

While you’re at it, set up paperless billing to reduce the amount of mail you need to open — and tidy up!

5. Replace Old Spices 

spices and grains in matching spice jars on kitchen counter, simple vegan ingredients and concept of flavoring your dishes

Spices lose their kick over time. “When organizing your pantry, check expiration dates every six months,” says Ryen Toft, founder of Simply Luxe, who has organized for Christina Haack, Hannah Godwin and more. Dried whole spices (like cloves and peppercorns) have a shelf life of 3 to 4 years, ground spices last 2 to 4 years, and ground or leafy herbs should be tossed after 1 to 2 years.

“The easiest way to check the expiration dates of spices is to do it while decanting, or refilling your jars,” suggests Toft. “Layout your clean glass jars, properly cover your surface (turmeric stains — be careful!) and as you’re checking expirations one by one, decant or refill your collection at the same time.”

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