A Simply Luxe Home

At Simply Luxe, our approach to home organizing is design forward. It’s our niche and what sets us apart. We take the full design of your home into play when creating and mapping out a plan for your organizing install day(s). We curate products and a system to bring you beautiful solutions for your home.


Our Founder & Professional Organizer Ryen Toft

Ryen Toft, founder of Simply Luxe, wants to spread the love of organizing throughout Southern California. She hopes to help people declutter their lives while giving them back their time.

Ryen is very hands-on when organizing, consulting, coaching, and finding products to help individuals become hyper-organized. She helps them tailor and maintain a system for what best suits their needs. She is patient and inspiring while being firmly committed to her clients’ goals.

A San Diego native and a graduate of UCSD, and Penn State. Ryen has tenured background in estate management for elite homes in the San Diego, and Orange County areas.

When she is not organizing, she is traveling, fostering dogs, volunteering and giving back to the community, admiring bees, or at the beach with her golden retriever.

Our Team