Our Services

Ready to get organized?

We provided a variety of services to help you get organized in multiple areas of your life, including home organization, moves and relocations, decorating, and more. We are able to support your goals with our extensive training, preparation, and hard work. We are fully committed to our clients and are happy to accommodate our services in order to fit your needs.

*Projects start at $350 but vary depending on the space and size.

  • Kitchens

  • Pantries

  • Closets

  • Bathrooms

  • Garages

  • Offices

  • Baby’s Nurseries

  • Kids Rooms

  • Rent our sustainable, reusable moving boxes

  • Pack up current home

  • Manage logistics for move

  • Hire movers, junk removal, and more

  • Unpack new home

  • Single room or entire home

  • Remove unnecessary items to be donated or tossed

  • Scheduled pick-up or drop-off for donations and trash

  • Home or corporate office

  • Backstock office supplies

  • We service home or corporate offices

  • Organizing back stock office supplies

  • Creates less waste and cuts restocking time

  • Creating an efficient flow for inventory

  • Creating an inventory system

  • Documenting inventory for insurance purposes

  • Works with architects, designers, and team for a cohesive design and layout

Holiday Decor

  • Put up decor for any holiday

  • Take down decor for any holiday

  • Organize decor in labeled bins

Have a project not listed? Reach out to us and ask!