How Often Should You Organize Your Home?

From the gutters to the fridge and beyond, many areas around the house require routine maintenance. On top of this maintenance, homeowners regularly clean and organize their houses. But how often should you organize your home? This question doesn’t always have a straightforward answer, but this guide will help you learn the ropes.

Routine Organizing

When you move in, you might organize your home beautifully, but you’ll need to reexamine your organization and declutter your space over time. Your organizing schedule comes down to your lifestyle. Consider our [home organization service](—we learn how you regularly use the space so that we can organize it in a way that best fits your lifestyle.

When you have a lot of people under one roof, it’s easy for things to get disorganized. Even if you live alone, everyone creates clutter in different places and at different speeds.

If organization is something you prioritize, you might only need to do a big cleanup once or twice a year. Consider organizing your space every three or four months if your house accrues clutter quickly.

Events & Guests

When you’re hosting a party or any other event at your home, having an organized space helps guests focus more on the inviting atmosphere than the clutter in your kitchen. If you’re having family or other guests stay over while they’re in town, making room for everyone will certainly help your home feel more accommodating.

An organized home can promote a serene and relaxed atmosphere. If you’re having a special gathering at your house, look around and consider if it’s time to reorganize.

It’s Time for a Change

You can consider some general timelines when deciding on an organization schedule that best fits your lifestyle. However, figuring out how often you should organize your home isn’t always clear-cut.

It’s easy to forget items are piling up around you at home when you must focus on work, errands, and other things on your busy schedule. Look around and ask yourself: is it time to change your current organization methods?

Whether the clutter is in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or everywhere at once, you can plan to declutter whenever you feel it’s time. Remember that this isn’t a task that you must do independently. Professional organization services like Simply Luxe are always ready to offer a helping hand.

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