Featured on KTLA 5 News

I absolutely loved being able to be one of the first people to present on KTLA 5’s new stage. It’s really pretty and gives you ample room to set up a great display! So neat to see that they can project an image of your choice on the backdrop too. I really feel like that made the whole set feel detailed into exactly what we were talking about-really made it personalized.

We love our LA clients so getting to speak to our audience up here was so nice. SO fun to get to teach tips and tricks-I love Tik Tok so getting asked to do this segment was really fun for me. Made me feel younger than I am too. Such easy hacks that don’t take a lot of time nor money too.

Have you ever thought to use shower hooks to hang your shorts? Or to use a magazine holder as a water bottle holder instead?

Hiring a professional organizer really gives you and your space those outside of the box ideas and fresh eyes on your home. We get creative in San Diego as well with all of the smaller and older homes, which tend to take a little more creativity and thinking outside of the box.

We service all of Southern California so if you ever need help, or have a friend looking just let us know and we would love to help.

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