How Professional Organizers Can Change Your Life

Despite what shows like Hoarders would want you to think, hiring a professional organizer isn’t only for extreme cases. A professional organizer’s services are for everyone, and they can completely revamp your household and sense of well-being. It’s not an exaggeration to say that professional organizers can change your life. Before we begin, since not everyone knows what a professional organizer is, we must define it.

Who Are They?

Professional organizers are there to help you organize any space you occupy. They can do anything from help organize your favorite apps to organize your shoe-ridden closet. The choice is yours, but it’ll be well worth the price if you decide to use them. They are kind and collaborative and willing to work with you on any organizational task, big or small. You can expect to pay roughly $80 to $140 on average for their services, though garage sorting is closer to a $350 price tag. In this way, they’re here to help, no matter how big or small the job. You should always feel comfortable working with them.

What Do They Organize?

When we say that professional organizers can organize any space, we mean digital and physical. Do you have an Evernote or Notion dashboard that needs tidying up? You’ll be able to navigate your notes more quickly with their help. Do you have a library that has books scattered everywhere? While being “book messy” may be a sign of intelligence, it could be a serious turn-off for someone coming to your house. Professional organizers can help you with all that, and then some. They may also take care of organizational schemas, the “big picture” stuff you may not see initially, like how your entire closet provides maximum use. Rather than just making your space look tidy, they also make sure everything fits the room’s ambiance perfectly.

They See Beyond the Mess

The great sculptor Michelangelo is cited as saying, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the sculptor’s task to discover it. I saw the angel in the marble and carved him free.” This statement is profound, but it’s also applicable to many creative endeavors, including organization. Organizing is truly an art form, and professional organizers who love their job tend to see “beyond the mess” into the potential of a room. This is important as you may not see your potential, especially if your home has become more and more cluttered. It’s hard to see what your space could become if it’s been the same way for ages, but they can make it look brand new.

They Know Basic Organizing Principles

Have you ever been to a grocery store, and the person who’s bagging your items decides to put the meat on top of the bread in the same bag? You’d want the bread to go with other ‘soft’ items. A professional organizer knows the basic principles that underlie the organizing process. They know to group items by active and passive zones in your space—i.e., spaces you interact regularly and spaces you don’t. If you place all the items that you most frequently use in places you rarely go, what’s the point? Alternately, it’s important to keep things findable. Make sure everything is in its proper place, or it will be out of sight or mind. 

They Lend Valuable Advice

The advice your organizer gives you should shed new insight on how you arrange your things. If you aren’t learning during your visit, you haven’t chosen the right person. Your organizer should also be collaborative with you. Their visit isn’t a dictatorship: it’s a democracy. They should be willing to defer to your needs while teaching you new things. Learning something that you can carry with you for the rest of your life is an invaluable experience, and it’s one of the ways professional organizers can change your life. Assume that they have been doing this for some time or trained under a senior. Regardless of keeping your ears open, you’ll be able to apply these principles to your own life.

Moving Management

Did you know your organizer can also help you in your move? They can help determine what you should keep, what you should throw away, and what to put off to the side. They’ll even help you donate or sell items you don’t want and arrange for pickups. Since moving is stressful, you’ll need all the help you can get, so why not take advantage of their help while you can? It’ll be one less thing you have to worry about, and given the difficulty of the moving process, you’ll need all the help you can get.

They Don’t Judge

One of the biggest stopping points for most people who want to hire an organizer is that they don’t want to be judged. While this makes perfect sense, note that most organizers have seen far worse than anything you can show them. If you think your house is too bad, we promise you—it’s not that bad. Organizers understand that we all have different situations. You may have three children and a mountain of tasks to get through and can’t clean your space. We get it—so it’s important to also hire people who understand. A non-judgmental, objective perspective can radically change how you feel.

They Take the Load Off

Cleaning your house—especially if you have a mountain of things to sort through—can feel overwhelming, and it could make you feel defeated before you’ve even started. This is unfortunate, and it’s also why hiring an organizer is so important. They can help take the load off. You aren’t the only one in your space trying to figure things out independently; you have someone with you to help that. They can fully understand what needs to be done to help you become more organized. They should also offer you tangible advice that you’ll carry with you forever. Having someone offer you a hand can’t be transformative if you’re overwhelmed and at the end of your rope.

They Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

It can be hard to let go—and this is one of the reasons Hoarders was a national sensation. It takes you through the trials of people who can’t let go. While it may seem extreme, we all have some hoarding tendencies, but it’s important to realize that not everything is sentimental. Not everything is meant to be held onto. Getting someone else involved in the process can help you get rid of that baseball you caught at that Sox game collecting dust, or that ring your ex-boyfriend gave you. You likely don’t need the memento.

It Helps You Psychologically

Decluttering your house is known to help your well-being. We often don’t know how much of our stagnant psychological energy is tied up in our spaces when they are cluttered. Living among clutter can also make you feel entrapped in your own space. You’ll be surprised what a clean, well-organized room will do for you. We aren’t saying your organizer has to be a feng shui master, but there’s a reason you might see positive reviews on their site giving testimonials about how they feel after their home is uncluttered. Uncluttering a space leaves you feeling fresh and instills a certain sense of vibrancy.

In conclusion, hiring an organizer is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of cleaning. You don’t have to worry about judgment. With a good organizer like the ones here at Simply Luxe LLC, you’ll get all the tools you need to declutter and move forward with your life.

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